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yeldiz hair for woman


YELDIZ Hair Straight Mask 100ML

Reparative Bandage Treatment Fiber Renewal care for thick hair. The thick, creamy reparative masque deeply nourishes and works at very core of the hair, for very damaged, over-processed thick hair. The hair is deeply repaired as its core. The hair fiber regains its strength and elasticity. Hair is toned and revitalized. SP94, powerful, gluco-peptide that enhances hair fiber’s resilience, structure & strength to activate KAPs synthesis. 6 Amino Acids, each attaches itself to damaged areas of the hair to compensate for the loss of mass. 1 Wheat Protein Derivative, strong affinity with the hair fiber, restores uniformity and smoothness. Ressurection Sap: Sourced from the Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant - known for its ability to come back to life after 10 years near death - helps preserve the structure of the fiber.


Grow A Full, Long & Healthy Looking Beard 
this serum will help your beard get longer and thicker without having to wait for months! Serum is produced from natural extract, will help stimulate the blood circulation at the beard area and build up the strength which will help the beard to become clearly thick and glowing black. لمن يعاني من قلة نمو شعر اللحية ، إو يكون نموه بطيئا أو غير كثيف هذا المنتج يحتوي على مستخلصات عشبية طبيعية قوية وضعت لتخترق عمق اللحية و الشارب لتجعل الشعر ينمو بسرعة، مما يجعلها أكثر كثافة وأكثر سمكا. ويجعل الشعر قويا جداً , ويملئ فراغات اللحية ويعالج داء الثعلبة واثبت فاعليته بشكل كبير والحفاظ على الجلد وتكثيف شعر اللحية بما يتناسب مع شكل الوجه واحتياجات الرجل والكيفية التي يحب ان يظهر عليها يعمل سيروم الذقن على إنبات الشعر الضعيف وتنشيط الدورة الدموية وتقوية بصيلات الشعر في الذقن وعلاج الفطريات وتكثيف الذقن وجعلها أكثر جمالا، يحتوي على افضل واقوى انواع الزيوت الضرورية جدا والمغذية لشعر الشارب واللحية

La Cils

Eyebrows shape our faces and they give great definition to the eye area, so it’s important that our eyebrows are the right shape. A beauty therapist will look at the current shape of your eyebrows and discuss with you what shape you have in mind for your eyebrows, for example, full and dark eyebrows are very popular at the moment. We will also discuss with you if you have any preference over wax or tweezers and we may use a combination of both tools to achieve the desired eyebrow shape. Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a unique formula of lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that synergistically work to help improve the overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. Made with Hexatein 1 Complex, a unique blend of lash and brow enhancing ingredients exclusive to RapidLash.