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Eyebrows shape our faces and they give great definition to the eye area, so it’s important that our eyebrows are the right shape. A beauty therapist will look at the current shape of your eyebrows and discuss with you what shape you have in mind for your eyebrows, for example, full and dark eyebrows are very popular at the moment. We will also discuss with you if you have any preference over wax or tweezers and we may use a combination of both tools to achieve the desired eyebrow shape. Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a unique formula of lash enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that synergistically work to help improve the overall appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. Made with Hexatein 1 Complex, a unique blend of lash and brow enhancing ingredients exclusive to RapidLash.

lash and brows extender

lash and brows extender

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Jedaty cream is recommended for the daily care of skin with discolorations or uneven tone, or skin which is at risk of developing discolorations (e.g. due to sun exposure, oral contraception, pregnancy, aesthetic surgeries, cosmetic procedures or inflammation). Efficacy Proven by Dermatological tests on skin with discolorations. · 95% protects against new discoloration caused by UV radiation · 60% moisturizes · 45% lightens the existing discolorations · 45% evens out the skin tone · 80% Filter from UVA/UVB Rays with SPF 70

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سيرم نحت الانف البديل الامن للجراحه يعمل على نحت الدهون الموجوده حول غضروف الأنف لتبدو انحف و اصغر ازالة البثور السوداء الموجودة فى الأنف نتيجه خلال 14 يوم 100 % اعشاب طبيعية مصرح من وزارة الصحه Components From Germany امن تماما لا يسبب تحسس او تهيج