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Acne Treatment in 4 Days

المجموعة الافضل في علاج حب الشباب و التخلص من أثاره خلال 15 يوم فقط . مكونات المجموعة . 🌹 سيرم حب الشباب 🌹 كريم حب الشباب مستخلص من (كريم جدتي ) 🌹 وظيفة سيرم حب الشباب - معالج مركز لمنع ظهور الدهون في البشره مره اخرى وللابد ..يعطي بشرة صحيه نظيفه نضرة دون طبقة دهون لامعه تعطي مظهرا باهتا للبشره . وظيفة كريم حب الشباب - 🌹القضاء على حب الشباب و اثاره نهائيا خلال ٧ ايام . 🌹 تفتيح البشرة و علاج التصبغات من اول استعمال . 🌹 توحيد لون البشرة و علاج البقع السوداء في الوجه . أعشاب طبيعية 100% آمن على البشرة تماماً . Saly Jolie Anti-Acne TREATMEN is made with potent and organic ingredients which include Salicylic acid 2%, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil. This extraordinary blend is developed especially in the hopes of creating the best pimple remover, blackhead & acne scar remover, and cystic acne treatment cream available! It actually gets beneath the surface to stop breakouts before they start. It is the perfect addition to any skin care routine to help achieve a beautiful and youthful glow for acne-prone skin.More reasons to choose Saly Jolie Anti Acne Treatment• Best acne treatment for teens, men and women of all ages• Anti acne prevention for future breakouts• Acne scar removal and facial exfoliator • Effective pore minimizer and blackhead remover • Improves overall facial glow and complexion • Healing moisturizer • Components From Germany. Ingredients Salicylic Acid, Emulthix, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, Green Tea, Cream base How to use: -Apply thin layer to face in the morning and evening. -For best results, use after Anti-Acne Serum. -After acne clears, continue using for preventative care


Jedaty cream is recommended for the daily care of skin with discolorations or uneven tone, or skin which is at risk of developing discolorations (e.g. due to sun exposure, oral contraception, pregnancy, aesthetic surgeries, cosmetic procedures or inflammation). Efficacy Proven by Dermatological tests on skin with discolorations. · 95% protects against new discoloration caused by UV radiation · 60% moisturizes · 45% lightens the existing discolorations · 45% evens out the skin tone · 80% Filter from UVA/UVB Rays with SPF 70