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Activated Charcoal Soap bar for oily mixed face

Activated Charcoal Soap bar for oily mixed face

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this soap is made from charcoal though. Other natural ingredients are typically added to improve health benefits naturally moisturizes your skin while unclogging pores and is known for rarely ever causing an allergic reaction، famously known for helping skin retain moisture and it possesses antibacterial properties to help prevent acne and even heal wounds,also has the ability to reduce acne and the appearance of wrinkles, soothe dry or irritated skin, treat inflammation, and more, all while making your skin smell fresh and natural (it’s also a good natural insect repellent)، helps skin to retain moisture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and can protect it from damaging UV rays، popular acne treatment as it can thoroughly reduce redness, swelling and inflammation and other natural and organic essential oils that leave a light fragrance on your skin,Excess Oil from Your Skin.Purifies Your Skin Deeply. Efficacious for Pimples and Acne.Improves Skin's Pore Size.Reduces the Effects of Ageing.Gently Exfoliates Your Skin. 





Avocado oil,Jojoba oil,lavender essential oil,activated charcoal,tea tree extracts
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