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Moroccan Organic Blue Soap with Saharian Nila

Moroccan Organic Blue Soap with Saharian Nila

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whitening creamy thick liquid bathing soap It is not as hard as regular soap and it is made in Morocco by grinding olives and extracting olive oil and then mixing it with some other natural materials.The traditional Moroccan bath is faithful to the natural elements and materials used for cleaning and beautification, including Moroccan or local soap. Moroccan blue soap (Moroccan baladi soap) is an important part of the traditional Moroccan bath, as Moroccans have been keen to use it since ancient times, and it is of great importance to women due to its many benefits. Skin and beauty. It is used in face and body care







Palestinian  olive oil ,organic nila powder ,jasmine oil ,organ oil ,shea butter ,vitamine E and licorice extract


how to use



Moroccan baladi soap is used while bathing, some warm water is
poured on the body and then the whole body is painted with baladi Moroccan soap
and left for 5 to 15 minutes, so that the steam and the temperature of the bath
help the soap penetrate the skin and moisturize it, after that the body is washed
well from the soap and then The process of exfoliating the dead skin begins with
an exfoliating glove and with circular motions, as the dead skin is removed
easily, and so on until the entire body is exfoliated. This process activates
blood circulation throughout the body, rids the skin of dirt, dead cells, pimples
and black dots, refreshes the body and helps to renew its cells, and gives the body
suppleness and serenity.
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